It’s a win~win~win

I need to talk to you all about something, I can set up a time to call you back if you’re intrigued after this. I’m working with a company, The Customer Advantage (TCA), that is launching very soon with Daily Deals as well as having a referral commission for those who choose to promote. The first areas will start offering deals, quite possibly this month. The rest of the US will be soon after with International to follow.

This is an excellent way for non-profits to earn that referral commission also. They promote their referral link, for free, those supporters that want to join, join for free. Everyone gets a link to promote if they choose.

When the TCA Daily Deals are offered, any TCA purchase of 50% or more from one of their referral members will earn them a 5% commission. Their supporter saves money and the non-profit makes money.

The focus for the vendor base is for small to medium local businesses. The idea is to bring the customers back to Main Street America. Do you know any small business that would like some free advertising and would be a perfect candidate for a 1/2 price gift certificate or service?

Everything is free and always will be, the only time money changes hands is when a deal of 50% or more is purchased by choice. You get a good deal, the non-profit has an easy way to raise funds and the small business gains more customers. It’s a win/win/win situation~




p.s. there’s more than one way to turn a funky file picture into a .jpg

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