and did I say it’s totally free……

Hadn’t posted in more than a week, didn’t get any response from the Craigslist ad. If the TCA

website stats in the back office are right, then I only had 1 hit from Craigslist. I wanted to come up with a shorter ad, easier on the eye, easier to read, less words. Main Street America

This morning, I was on my way to a facial massage, I’m trying to find a local spa business that is wanting to be a part of  The Customer Advantage team. By doing this research, my massage was tax-deductible. Don’t you love it! Anyway, I was listening to the Daily Call on my way there and I got the idea for this. I really like it and I think I may use this message on my business cards.

T C A ~ It’s a win-win-win

  • Someone you share it with saves 50% or more
  • A new prepaid customer for a struggling local business in your town
  • You earn a 5% Thank You Referral Commission for making that happen

and did I say it’s totally free……

One thought on “and did I say it’s totally free……

  1. Just a quick update for you, TCA will be launching any day now in the Seattle area. Testing is underway and we are just waiting on a few programming tweaks. John is preparing wisely for huge, rapid growth. We have to be able to handle it. Everyone will want to be a part of TCA.

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