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Cash Mob February 11, 2012 Anthology Book Co Loveland CO

We are in the very beginning stages of a National Movement. Most of us have heard of Flash Mob’s that are popping up all over the place and dancing, but… Have you heard of the Cash Mob

Cash Mob is an inspirational twist on the Flash Mob concept. A small local business is chosen as the event host. Mobbers arrive at a chosen location and set time and ready to do a little shopping with that local business.  It’s amazing, the number of people that find out about this and show up for support.

Cash Mob rules are not set in stone but there are some guidelines. When you choose to participate in a Cash Mob, you are pledging to spend around $20 or more at the selected small local business.  It’s an infusion of cash into your community by supporting the Cash Mob Movement. Sometimes there will be an aftermob event. All mobbers will then be invited to meet at a local restaurant or watering hole.

The Cash Mob concept is primarily being promoted and organized through Social Media right now. There have been several local news stations that have covered a Cash Mob local event so the word is quickly getting out.

Wondering what type of business would make a good Cash Mob Host? A Cash Mob host businesses should have/be:

  • Items priced less than $20
  • Items for men and women
  • Locally owned
  • One that gives back to the community.

I see Cash Mobs becoming very popular. Cash mobs enable making friends and building community.  Mobbers, along with the business owners and staff, are connecting on Social Media and then through the Cash Mob are meeting face to face. The businesses that are getting involved are also seeing some repeat business due to their Cash Mob experience. It’s a win-win for any community. Look for Cash Mob Windsor CO to be announced soon!


P.S.  I just learned that 3/24 is National Cash Mob Day


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