Ok, I know I’m a little late for the traditional November gratitude post. For those of you that know me, I’m sure you’re not surprised. I’m always trying to cram 70 minutes into a 60 minute block so a gratitude post on December 2 is not out of line for me at all. That’s something that we should always embrace.

November was a total blur for me. I’ve been juggling several different projects. I’m very close to having a client project finalized, should be as soon as today so I’m thrilled to be making that announcement soon.

Windsor Co Cash MobI also spent a lot of time this month working on the Windsor Cash Mob project. This has been a special project for me over the last 10 months or so but one that I only had so much time to devote to. By not spending the time that was needed, I feel we lacked in participation at some of the events.

So 11/10/12 was the day of our event, we had promoted through Social Media as well as snipits in our 2 local newspapers, the Windsor Beacon and the Windsor Now. Shortly before the event was to start, we were blessed with a Northern Colorado November snowstorm just hours before our special Cash Mob. We were supporting 5 small businesses this night but there was no one out on the streets, the roads were getting very slick, so we quickly decided to reschedule so the employees could get home safely.

We chose 11/24/12, Small Business Saturday as our redo day. I had recently acquired some new business tools so I went on a crash course to learn them. I enlisted some help from my friend and partner in the Windsor Cash Mob, Roxanna Tyler, with Tyler Systems LLC and we put together a facebook contest and gathered some great prizes from a few local area businesses.

I bought the domain name I used one of my new products *QRslip to create a Dynamic Mobile Marketing Campaign. I spent way more time on this than I should have but I got a lot accomplished in a short amount of time.

With QRslip, I created a free ad or a coupon for each business sponsor and set it up on a looping 1 minute schedule.  Each ad was tapable/clickable and would lead the tapper/clicker to our Windsor Cash Mob facebook fanpage. It worked really slick, I’ll be using this campaign again when we start to promote our next Cash Mob in January 2013. I currently have an example of an ad/coupon posted on the Windsor Cash Mob site with a coupon that I am running for Market For Mobile. You can save 10% through 12/31/12 to schedule your own Dynamic Campaign (shameless plug).

Because I can use this QR code over and over to lead the end user to current content, we were able to enlist the help and sponsorship of our local Mail n Copy Windsor and they provided us with 1000 business cards displaying our Dynamic QR as well as 50 posters that we were able to spread around town.
visit this site often for the latest Cash Mob Windsor news and for current local deals.

As a result of my haste to get this posted, I don’t have exact numbers but I can come within 1 or 2.

Our results:

We increased our facebook fan page by 21 likes, up to 137 fans and we had 12 entries in our local contest, only 11 were eligible as I disqualified myself. We had 7 prizes donated so the odds of winning were pretty good. Keep that in mind when you see facebook contests springing up. Do your due diligence to make sure it’s a legit contest and see how many cool prizes you may win.

I am still trying to find the secret in getting the community to “want” to be involved. Come on Windsor CO! Let’s show the world what we’re made of and become an example of how communities can come together and support their local business base. If you are a Windsor CO resident, please share this blog post with your neighbors and local friends.

Come and join our next mob event or follow us vicariously and share on facebook. Our next event will be in January, you’ll meet some awesome like-minded peeps and may find a unique one of a kind item that you will cherish for life in a local store that you’ve driven past a hundred times but never taken the time to visit. You could find your new favorite food at a locally owned restaurant.

We did bring a few peeps in for our Special Mob event, I didn’t get a chance to meet everyone since we were spread out, up and down Main Street. We did attract some quality peeps to our project and that organic growth thing that I love so much, I think it’s about to happen for us.

I am also very proud to announce that I wrote an essay on my Cash Mob Windsor project. This was through a facebook contest sponsored by The Bold Angels with Tina Williams and Trish Gilliam…. the Grand Prize was a trip to Marketer’s Mansion in Las Vegas, value $5,000. When I heard what this was about, I knew I had to go! and I WON!!!!!!!!! I actually came in 3rd but 1st and 2nd couldn’t make it, WTH??

Tina and Trish have been working with me on a blueprint with our Social Media Certification class for my Cash Mob Windsor Project. So, now, I get to work with these 2 amazing ladies as well as some of the best in the online marketing industry on getting this project on the fast track and showing others how they can bring Cash Mobs to their community. It’s an awesome way to build relationships with the local market, create goodwill, promote shopping local and it can be the best way possible and bring quality leads into your business world.

Here’s a link to the replay for that webinar, the first few minutes has a video of the mansion. We also have private chefs from the famous Las Vegas kitchens coming into cook for us, watch out diet!

I did a promo video for Marketer’s Mansion, it is included in this special offer here. This is not my affiliate link, I haven’t figured out if I have one there or not. You can purchase a package with a live feed for the event, the starting price is $9.95, buy now before the price goes up. I’m not sure how many hours will be included, it sounds like this may be like Big Brother and there will be cameras all over the place, oh no!

Holy Cow, I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me, it’s only just begun! For that, I am eternally grateful for everything that has happened this past year. I am grateful for my family and for putting up with the little attention that I’ve had for them over this past year during my business development. It’s recently been brought to my attention how focused I’ve been. I’m grateful for all of the incredible peeps that have played a role in this life adventure as well as the new peeps I’ve yet to meet!

I’m dependent on all of you reading this to help me take this project to the next level. Share with your friends and family, connect with me if you want to learn how you can bring a Cash Mob to your community. Please join me!

My business motto for 2012 was to Make A Difference. I am totally satisfied that I have completed that mission for this year and will continue on the same path. Next year, 2013 will be awesome!

I feel it!!!!

*my affiliate link to the new QRslip product

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