Hangouts… my cool new tool… #HOA #hangoutsonair

My blog is broken. I have to do some maintenance updates and I’ve had some medical issues with my hubby the last few months and I’ve gotten behind. With that as an excuse, I haven’t posted any content here in quite awhile. I can’t keep quiet about hangouts any longer. I’ll have to get busy and spruce this site up for me or try a new theme. In the meantime…

I’m putting together a presentation on Google Hangouts On Air, a cool new tool for your business. We’re doing quite a few hangouts on air in preparation. If you haven’t joined us yet, you really should. If you have a Google+ account, it will be real easy for you to join in the fun.

Google made some updates this week that made it easier for you to join but a little more hidden on how to start a Hangout On Air #HOA. That could be a good thing. It took me some time to figure it out last night so I did a quick 2 minute video on the process. hopefully this helps you out and saves you some creative time, enjoy!


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