Make a Blog Post out of a Craigslist Ad

I was listening in to our morning Daily Call with The Customer Advantage. These calls are great resources for those wanting to become a leader with TCA. One thing I learned today was giving myself a title. I will now refer to myself as a Promotional Director for The Customer Advantage, I wasn’t really sure what to call myself up until this point.  All info and links to replays for the Daily Calls can be accessed at, don’t miss it.

Also on today’s call they started talking about Craigslist again. Some of the leaders on the call are having very good results with Craigslist posts and I keep saying I need to do that one day so I quit saying it and I did it~  After I posted my ad, I went in to review it and realized that it sounded like a pretty good blog post. I’m very proud of myself, this will make Blog post #3 in the past week. Here is my ad….

The Customer Advantage (TCA) will soon be changing lives in our area. It’s more than just another Daily Deal site. TCA allows you to earn a real paycheck just by helping others save 50% or more by purchasing products and services from Local Businesses. Everyone who promotes the TCA will earn a 5% referral commission on all Daily Deals purchased by others through their qualified referral group.

TCA is FREE to join by invite, here is your invitation…

Businesses can also join TCA for FREE and have the opportunity to be one of the first businesses in our area to advertise for FREE. Businesses may be able to add more new customers in one day than they have added with traditional advertising in a month, or maybe even a year. They are also able to promote their invitation link to their current database of customers and can then earn a referral credit when their customers shop elsewhere, even with their competitors, through the TCA Daily Deal. One on one help is available for any businesses wanting more information.

TCA is also an excellent vehicle for your local non-profits. Non-profits can also get a FREE account, non-profits can promote to their donor base, their donors can get a FREE account using the non-profit referral link. The non-profit will then earn a 5% commission on all deals purchased by their referral base. FREE money for the non-profit and savings of 50% or more from local businesses for their patrons. It is advisable for any non-profits to first discuss this with their attorney and/or accountant.

The TCA Daily Deals will be starting very soon and with this FREE, already proven successful, business model, TCA will go from adding 500+ customers a day to 5000+, don’t delay, the timing is right.

It’s FREE to check out, it’s FREE to watch the “How it’s Done” video on the landing page. It’s FREE to join and always will be. The only time money changes hands is when something of value is purchased.

The only risk with TCA is for those that choose not to get involved.

3 thoughts on “Make a Blog Post out of a Craigslist Ad

  1. I joined – think it’s a great idea and will be speaking with the CEO next week to have him on my teleseminar series! I love the model.

    1. awesome Wendy… John is now a friend of mine and he’s a great guy! Did you join with my link? I’m not seeing your name on my team?

  2. This is very interesting, You’re a very lsilked blogger. I’ve joined your feed and look forward to seeking more of your magnificent post. Also, I’ve shared your website in my social networks!

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