Mobile Marketing is in my Future

I’ve been so busy the last few weeks, I feel like I’m in college this month. I’ve been taking some online courses in Mobile Marketing. I’ll be sharing a few things with you along the way. I’m still trying to decide what all services to offer. This next referral offer comes from a friend of mine.

I recently stumbled across {} , which is a website that is offering information and a Bonus video on how to build Mobile Apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android. The site explains some information about Mobile Apps and how it can compliment anyone’s business who may be considering investing in the Cross Channel Mojo system.

Mike Koenigs’ Cross Channel Mojo system is a patented and advanced marketing system that simply can’t be described fully in this post. You have to experience it to understand the powerful follow up capabilities and reach this thing has to offer!

As a Bonus, the Dudes at Mobile Apps Labs have cooked up some Mojo of their own and are offering a sweet Bonus that will compliment Cross Channel Mojo!

Let’s face it.

It’s almost impossible to get and keep the
attention of your prospects and customers.

See what I mean in this video:

To sell anything to a prospect, you need to:

– get attention
– keep attention
– build rapport, trust and likability
– and present an offer

But the rules have ALL changed – and
we’ve moved from a “transaction” economy
to a “relationship and reputation” economy.

Mike Koenigs has been a successful
online marketer for over seven years,
creating some of the most powerful tools,
systems and training programs including
Traffic Geyser, Main Street Marketing
Machines and many others.

People like Tony Robbins, Paula Abdul,
Tim Ferriss, Harvey Mackay, Brendon
Burchard, Debbie Ford, Brian Tracy, John
Assaraf come to him for online, video and
mobile marketing advice.

Mike has worked with big brands like Apple,
Sony Entertainment, 20th Century Fox, 3M,
General Mills, Dominos Pizza, BMW, Ralston
and Mazda.

Watch this first video in the free series
he’s giving you.


You’re going to discover how to automatically
build PROFITABLE relationships with clients.

And it doesn’t have to just be sending
emails that HOPEFULLY get read.

The news is blaring about the economy
and how terrible things are for businesses.

And most of it’s true.

Especially if you aren’t adapting.

In Mike’s video, you’re going to discover
what adapting means in today’s
“relationship-based economy.”


He breaks marketing technology down
for you, explains how much blood, sweat
and tears (and hard-earned dollars) he’s
put into creating this, and let’s you know
EXACTLY how to use this info to your

Listen, the online “gurus” are always
telling you HOW to make money.

But this is drastically different.

Mike shows you what needs to take
place so that people WANT to give you
their money in the first place.

The approach uses several different
communications channels, and it doesn’t
matter your niche.

All that DOES matter is that you’re
creating a relationship with people who
want to buy from you.

Check this out to see how it happens


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