QR Code 101

What are these funny little black and white, pixelated looking square things that you keep seeing all over the place? What do they do? What are they for? Why in the world would I want one and what would I do with it if I had one? In case you haven’t seen one, this is mine.

QR Code 101 Example #1
QR Code to Market For Mobile . mobi website

This will take you to my MarketForMobile.mobi website.

This is called a QR code, QR is short for Quick Response. Another name for these are 2D barcodes, but QR code is the standard name.

You can only access a QR code by scanning with a mobile device, re: Smartphone, iPhone®, iPad®, Android™, Tablet, etc. We all know how many are out there and the numbers are growing, pretty darn fast too. There are several scanner apps out on the market today. The one I use is called Red Laser, I like how it keeps a history of the things I’ve scanned for easy access at a later date.

QR codes are appearing more and more frequently. Marketers are seeing the useful value of a QR code and there are many uses. You can use them to build mailing lists, create text messaging campaigns, direct customers to a certain URL, your website or maybe even your facebook fanpage. You can also load all of your contact info, as well as a short message, and someone can scan your info into their mobile device with the scanner app of their choosing.

The QR code was created by Toyota subsidiary Denso Wave in 1994 to track vehicles during the manufacturing process, the QR code is one of the most popular types of two-dimensional barcodes. Now we see them used on business cards, newspapers and magazines, storefront windows or counters, restaurant menus and even on social media sites.

How many times do you have your cell phone with you while at your desktop or laptop? If all you (or your prospective customer) has to do is scan a code with your mobile phone, you may be more apt to visit that website, you do want to make sure that wherever you are sending them, is a mobile optimized site. More on that subject later.

QR codes can be incredibly useful and they are very cost-effective to implement. There are several free services out there that will generate a QR code for you so it’s very easy to get started.

With Market For Mobile, we do have a program available that allows us to generate a QR code for you at a reasonable price.  We also offer a couple of optional services. One is monthly reporting, making it easier for you to track your ROI as well as the ability to redirect where that QR code will take the end user.

All signs and stats are pointing to this trend continuing for the next several years. As awareness of QR codes spread, and the mobile usage stats increase, this may be something you will want to add soon for your business.

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