so busy learning~

I’ve been so busy learning about TCA and being overwhelmed with all the cool new tools that will be coming down the pipe. I made and downloaded a phone app the other day for my TCA site, not sure on the value of that one yet. Just learned last night about, so easy to create linkable images with my link to share. Going to test it out right now and see if it works. That will show if it really is easy.
OK, it didn’t work the first time. Will have to try again tomorrow.

John Milanoski‘s final words tonight on the National webinar were that we will make sharing, simple and enticing. Everyone will be rewarded on the production they do.

It’s grassroots people~ Now’s the time to start paying attention and learn how TCA is about connecting people, getting people together, supporting our communities together. That’s what it’s about and that’s what’s going to make us a household name.

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