Someone Found Me

Someone found my blog and was intrigued enough to send me a letter offering to help me with my project. I guess it’s pretty noticeable that I don’t know what I’m doing over here and probably could use lots of help, lol.  I have such good intentions when it comes to blogging, I don’t know why I’m resisting it so much. Once I finish a post I’m usually pleased with it.

anyway….  while the letter did sound a bit on the spammy side, I kind of liked it. His website has a portfolio on some of the work he’s done and it looks impressive. Maybe the reason he reached out to me was so that I could present TCA to him. I really liked my response back to him and since we are truly looking for talented leaders I’m going to post my exact response for anyone who is lucky enough to stumble upon this blog and see the true value of what I have to offer here.please like me on facebook

Hi Daniel, I’m working with a company called The Customer Advantage. We are a free membership program, in soft launch while we ramp up. We just added an RX card benefit that is free, it offers a savings on prescriptions as well as some lab and imaging tests. Our primary benefit is a Daily Deals program that pays a 5% affiliate referral anytime someone you refer buys a deal saving them 50% or more. That referral amount comes from up to 5 levels deep, all qualified levels are paid. During our ramp up, we’re currently looking for leaders that want to step up, partner with TCA and offer our Free Membership to local businesses in their area. You can earn up to a 3% commission on all deals sold by the businesses you sign up as well as earning that 5% commission when those you refer buy. You would be one of the first in the country to be involved. It’s not going to be easy but could be lucrative.

Our businesses (and non-profits) that we sign up are needing website work. I’ve signed up 2 businesses in the last week that don’t even have websites. There is a big need for the type of services you offer with the small to medium local businesses that are embracing this grassroots effort. They are wanting to learn more about social media so they can promote their own deals and enroll their customers into the TCA membership. That business owner will then earn a commission when their customers shop with TCA.

This would be a great way to market your current business and spread the word about TCA and get tons of referrals from those that you engage ; )  You could even come up with some sort of a 1/2 price deal for a basic package just to introduce yourself to them and get your foot in the door. You may get a customer for life out of the deal and that’s what it’s all about ; )

Not sure how close you are to Sarasota FL but that is one of 8 test launch areas in the US so we’ve already got a small customer/business base growing in that area. Most likely, if you are what you say you are, the leaders in that area will have some businesses to refer to you also.

If you’re truly interested in helping people this could be your vehicle. Here’s my affiliate link, check it out. It truly is a free opportunity for you, no matter what level you choose to participate.

take care… Vicki

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