Work is getting funner….I know that’s not a word~

Again, I keep saying I suck at blogging, so by saying that, I do. I post on facebook at least 40 times a week so I’m capable of content. I think I finally have something that will make me want to post on my blog often.

Stay tuned as I get more familiar with what I’m doing here on wordpress. Check out The Customer Advantage and my site ID is Vicki, amazing things have been happening.

I joined The Customer Advantage on 12/31/10 and was member #1993. That was a little over 2 short months ago and I’ve now got over 276 people on my team that are interested in being a part of the TCA history. It’s totally free to join and you can choose to make a difference in your local community by supporting small to medium local businesses.

Yesterday we passed the 50,000 member mark and by 6 pm MST today we’ve added more than 5,000 more.

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